Colonel Weekend



While 98% of this post will be about football I do want to let Colonel fans know that there is much more than football this weekend.

I would do a schedule but EKUSports has already beat me to the punch with a wonderful picture.

I would also like to note that the Eastern Kentucky club ice hockey team takes the rink in Lexington this Friday and Saturday nights at mid-night vs Xavier.

Since it is family weekend all but hockey would be nice events to take your family to. Be sure to get out to these events this weekend.

You may know the significance of this week’s football vs Jacksonville State. Preseason #1 EKU vs #2 JSU. The two big powerhouses of the Ohio Valley Conference begin OVC play. You know how big of a game this is.
But one thing not in favor of EKU this weekend is recent history. Now wait, you may be saying we have won the last 4 out 5 games, but the last two years HURT JSU. Two years ago  they came into Roy Kidd Stadium ranked #2 in the nation. #1 Appalachian State had already lost that day, so Jacksonville State was going to be #1 if they could beat a 3-5 Eastern Kentucky team. They could not and in the process of the game Tyrone Goard makes a great catch and becomes the #1 play on SportsCenter Top Ten.

Then there was last season. Jacksonville State was up 48-28 with just 7:25 left in the game. Eastern Kentucky fights back and takes a 52-48 lead with 1:24 left in the game. Jacksonville State drives the ball all the way down to the EKU 1 yard line and runs out of time. The Eastern Kentucky defense made a huge goal line stop to pull off a miraculous comeback in Jacksonville, Alabama.

Do you think JSU does not remember these events? They do! Their football players have tweeted “#BeatEKU” all week. This time Eastern are the favorites in the match up and JSU will be the underdogs looking for an upset.




What a Combo



Atlantic ocean and football. That is what the Eastern Kentucky University football team will be looking at this weekend when they travel to Coastal Carolina University for week three.

Coastal Carolina is undefeated, but at the same time have played two lowly FCS teams, in Furman and North Carolina A&T. Between those two teams is just a single win in four games, NCA&T beat West Virginia State 77-0.

Being on the road this will be a tough game for EKU. Throw in the fact that EKU has an issue with defending the pass and that is one of the strengths of this Coastal Carolina team and there could be some cause for concern on this game. Don’t misunderstand me I believe EKU will win this game, our rushing offense will over power them. I look for this to be a high scoring game if our pass defense can’t step up.

Morehead State killed us on those small screen plays and medium-long passing plays accumulating 304 yards total through the air.

Coastal Carolina has over 500 passing yards through two games on the year. Their favorite targets are 5’9 Niccolo Mastromatteo. His brother Sonny Mastromatteo plays baseball at Tennessee-Martin. Niccolo is a junior transfer from Southern Methodist University.  Mastromatteo had 114 yards against NCA&T.

Matt Hazel is their other favorite target. Hazel had 138 yards against Furman last Saturday Hazel is a 6’3 junior receiver for Coastal Carolina.




Moving on from football. EKU soccer is in action tonight and Friday evening. Tonight the Colonels travel back to Cincinnati, OH to take on the Xavier Musketeers

The last time EKU and Xavier faced each other EKU won 1-0 in Richmond. Xavier is coming off a 2-1 victory over our rivals Morehead State, thank you Xavier.

EKU is coming off a 3-1 victory over the College of Charleston at the College of Charleston Cup this past weekend.

Then on Friday EKU will host undefeated Transylvania University at 5 p.m. This will be the first ever meeting between EKU and Transy. Friday will also be Kids Day at the EKU soccer game.
Eastern Kentucky University athletic Department wanted me to let students know that they can win more money and prizes at the next home football game against Jacksonville State University next week. I would also throw on top of that a big huge thank you. That was on of the biggest student sections I have seen at any EKU athletic event. You kids were loud and proud. Please keep coming out and helping the football team win yet another OVC title.



BEAT Morehead

Which is what our football team is use to. While Morehead State is no longer in the Ohio Valley Conference for football these two teams use to always play when they were and guess what, Eastern Kentucky University Colonels usually won.

In fact, EKU leads the all-time series 49-16-4. Believe it or not, Morehead has beaten EKU more in Richmond than Morehead, KY. EKU was victorious in 18 consecutive meetings between 1972 and 1989.

That was then though and this is now. Morehead State is now in the Pioneer Football League, a non-scholarship D1 FCS conference. That’s right Morehead football players have 0 athletic scholarships. Which is exactly why they are not competitive against most FCS opponents.

The last time these two teams faced each other was 2008, where the Colonels won 16-8 at Roy Kidd Stadium.

Last week EKU faced Purdue and lost heavily 48-6. While the score looks bad, the Colonels D did everything they could. EKU forced 5 turnovers but could not do anything with the ball of the offensive end. The lone score was Matt Denham 30 yard TD run.

Morehead State laid a beating on Southern Virginia 55-0.  Southern Virginia is transitioning to NCAA Division 3 football, which is the primary reason why that score does not scare me. EKU should shut down this Eagle football team and bring home the W.

While Morehead Sate is a good football team with the resources they have, they just do not have the resources to hang with a top team in the Ohio Valley Conference, hence why they have not moved back into the OVC. They are doing good in the PFL and see no reason to come to a conference where there are four teams that could be nationally ranked from week-week.
EKU fans and students Eastern Kentucky is wanting to have a black-out for this Morehead game. So please wear you black EKU apparel and let’s black out Morehead State.

Upset Weekend is Here

I am calling this weekend upset weekend. All three Eastern Kentucky teams could pull of a major upset this weekend.

Upset Schedule looks like this.

Today soccer takes on Cincinnati Bearcats

Tomorrow football takes on Purdue

Sunday volleyball takes on Notre Dame.

I would say the chances of upset decrease as the days pass, meaning soccer has the greatest chance and volleyball has the least. Although, I believe EKU can go 3-3 if the Colonels fight hard and stay determined. I was told the Big East is not that strong at Volleyball and Notre Dame is a middle of the conference team.

Focusing on today’s games, volleyball takes on the Buffalo Bulls at 4:30 and soccer takes on the Cincinnati Bearcats at 7 p.m.

Soccer has only played Cincinnati once and that was the well-documented heart-breaker with just three seconds left in regulation.

Clearly our soccer program has gotten better since 2009 and I think Eastern Kentucky, if they come out with the fight they have shown so far this season, will upset the undefeated Bearcats of Cincinnati. That game is tonight at 7 p.m. at the University of Cincinnati.

EKU Logo

Before soccer kicks-off the EKU volleyball team will face the Buffalo Bills at Notre Dame for round one of the Shamrock Invitational. EKU and Buffalo have only played once, in 1996, in which EKU took the match. Buffalo is 2-1, with their loss coming against San José State. Their wins are against Cansisus and Oral Roberts.  The volleyball game starts at 4:30 p.m.

Good luck to all the EKU teams this weekend. For updates on the games follow me on Twitter @ColonelsSports.

This Is EKU Football

Made by EKUSports

Beat Purdue Week

It’s football season again and with FCS football starting tomorrow, I felt it was time to do the week 1 preview.

On Saturday, Eastern Kentucky will face B1G opponent Purdue.

Eastern Kentucky will begin their road to Frisco, Texas in West Lafayette, Indiana at Purdue University.

Earlier this week I had the honor to interview and answer questions with Travis Miller, football writer for Hammer and Rails. Hammer and Rails is a SB Nation blog for Purdue Sports. Here are the questions I asked him, and of course his answers.

C.S.B.=Colonels Sports Blog

Travis=H&R Writer

C.S.B. 1.) “What are the expectations like at Purdue this year?”

Travis. “I am trying to temper them a bit, but this is Danny Hope’s best team in terms of talent and experience. It appears we finally have some depth at key positions, so if there is not success the questions will begin flying around Hope. Most people are picking a 7-8 win season, but some decisions (like the playing of multiple quarterbacks) feel like they could be a big hindrance to what we want to accomplish.
Of course, given that OhioState and PennState are ineligible for the Big Ten title game there is a definite hope we can finish the season in Indianapolis.”
C.S.B. 2.) “Any nerves at all about playing a good FCS team in week one?”
Travis. “A little. I am of the opinion that no Big Ten team ever has a valid excuse for losing to an FCS team. The differences in depth, talent, facilities, etc are so dramatic that it just shouldn’t happen. Realistically though, it happens all the time. Minnesota has been a victim so many times that they shouldn’t even play the FCS anymore, and it is not like Purdue is light years better than them. The AppyState over Michigan is the all-time overlooking of an opponent.
That said, I think most Purdue fans have several good reasons to think this game should be a victory, and a loss would be pretty stunning. “
C.S.B. 3.) “What are Purdue feelings of Danny Hope? Is he what everyone expected? Better? Worst?”
Travis. “I would say they are tepid at best. We really liked him at first when he took a team with not a lot of talent to 5-7 with several extremely close losses, mostly because of our own mistakes. His second season had so many injuries to key players it wasn’t funny. One of the things that bothers people is that his teams don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. Combine that with one head-scratching loss in each of his three seasons (Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Rice) tests people’s patience.
He does own OhioState as long as we play in West Lafayette though.”
C.S.B. 4.) “How big of a crowd is expected?”
Travis. “Not a big one. I am expecting about 35,000 out of a 62,500 seat stadium because attendance is way down. That is another thing that is at Hope’s feet. With the general population there is not a buzz about the team and seats aren’t selling. We haven’t resorted to Indiana levels to sell tickets, but it is troubling that much of the stadium is empty on game day.”
C.S.B. 5.) “If upset in week one, how will that affect the season? If at all?”
Travis. “Dramatically. Coaches just do not survive in the Big Ten by losing to FCS schools. You might be able to do it in year one and get away with it, but in year four?”
C.S.B. 6.) “Big Ten has had bad luck recently with FCS teams, Michigan and Minnesota losing, Indiana almost lost to us. So how does that affect the Big 10 and this game?”
Travis. “A lot of big Ten teams have had close calls, but Purdue is not one of them. Our closest was beating Western Illinois 31-21 in 2010 when we finished 4-8 and they made the playoffs. Even then, the game was never really in doubt. A late touchdown made the score closer, while the loss of Keith Smith to a severe knee injury in that game was a bigger blow. We generally handle our business against FCS teams (59-0 over SEMO last year, 42-10 over Northern Colorado in 2008, 52-6 over Eastern Illinois in 2007, 60-35 over IndianaState in 2006). That tells me struggles would be a bad sign.”
C.S.B. 7.) “Your outcome prediction is?”
Travis. “I think it is a semi close game early with Purdue pulling away in the third quarter. I expect about a 14-21 point win.”

Thank you Travis Miller for your time it was great to do this.

It’s not often I predict that EKU will beat a FBS team, Indiana and Western Kentucky, are the only times I have. I also am not saying EKU will win Saturday, but we do have a chance against a middle of the road B1G team. We have come close a couple of times, and I feel we should of those games, against Indiana and Kansas State.

I certainly feel if Eastern comes out focused and hungry for an upset, a team and place like Purdue could be the right place to do it.

In all reality, I do not expect a win, but do hope for one.

Speaking of hope, who remembers when Purdue head coach, Danny Hope coached at Eastern Kentucky? I do. Good luck Danny Hope.

Last Weekend Recap

What a great weekend it was and will be for our EKU Colonels, and not just football. Here is a brief schedule of all the EKU events.


  1. EKU Volleyball vs Buffalo at 4:30 p.m.
  2. EKU Soccer vs. Cincinnati at 7 p.m.


  1. EKU Football at Purdue at 3:30 p.m.
  2. EKU Volleyball vs UAB at 4:30 p.m.


  1. EKU Soccer vs Wright State at 1 p.m.
  2. EKU Volleyball at Notre Dame 2 p.m.

Last weekend the soccer team fell to the University of Kentucky Wildcats 2-1 for the second straight year. While EKU volleyball went up to East Lansing and fought to the end.

In the first game for EKU Volleyball, they faced Youngstown State penguins, a former Ohio Valley Conference member, in the Spartan Showcase. YSU jumped out to a 2-0 lead by winning the first two sets 25-19 and 25-20. Eastern would rally back and win sets three and four, 26-24 and 25-15. If coming back from down two sets to none was not enough drama for the Colonels, then set five would provide enough. Youngstown State would take a 14-10 lead in the 5th set, but EKU again rallied to win the set 16-14 and would take the match 3-2.

In day two of the Spartan Showcase EKU was ready to take on McNesse State University and Michigan State University.  EKU easily handled McNesse State by winning the match 3-0. The scores of the sets were 25-16, 25-21, 25-13.

Then it was time for what would be the championship game of the Spartan Showcase. Eastern Kentucky vs the host, Michigan State. an OVC team taking on a B1G team, David vs Goliath. The only difference was in that fight David wins and sadly I have to report that Michigan State beat EKU 3-0. EKU did not leave without a fight though keeping the first two sets close at 25-21 and 26-24. Michigan State then took care of business in set three by winning 25-10.

EKU Volleyball will travel to South Bend, Indiana this weekend for the Shamrock invitational. At Notre Dame, EKU will face Buffalo, UAB, and Notre Dame themselves.

EKU soccer took the road to face  the Kentucky Wildcats, and for the second year in a row gave, “Kentucky’s team” a scare. UK jumped out to a 2-0 lead but EKU fought back and with 6 minutes left in the match almost made it 2-2, but instead the ball hit off the cross-bar and the Colonels fall again to the Cats 2-1.

This weekend they will travel to the University of Cincinnati on Friday for a 7 p.m. game against the undefeated Bearcats, 2-0-1. They will then travel back to Richmond and face Wright State University on Sunday at 1 p.m.

Football will be another post either later today or tomorrow. Look for my interview with the Purdue blog Hammer and Rails in that update.

Go Colonels.

Beat Kentucky and Michigan State

As the title says this weekend EKU Soccer will take on Kentucky and EKU Volleyball will face Michigan State.

As an EKU fan I HATE Kentucky. All caps hate almost doesn’t cover my hate for the “Big Blue Nation.”  Then as a Michigan Football fan I think it is pretty well documented my feelings for Little Brother in Michigan.

Last season Eastern Kentucky battled their in-state rival up north to a 2-1 game.

On the UK site it says it was “UK and EKU tangled last year in a game that resulted in a 2-1 UK win in one of the best games of the season.”

Eastern Kentucky University"The Colonel"

Eastern had led 1-0 most of the game, but UK scored two goals in the last 10 minutes to take the upset away. EKU will hopefully look to remain focus and pull off the upset tonight.

EKU vs Kentucky Tonight at UK Soccer Complex. 7 P.M.

Two undefeated teams enter maybe one will remain.

Also tonight at Michigan State University EKU Volleyball will open their season at the Spartan Showcase vs Youngstown State University, an former Ohio Valley Conference opponent. Tomorrow the Colonels will take on McNeese State and Michigan State.

Not much I can add to this as my ignorance

That Time of the Year

That the Colonels of Eastern Kentucky take their respected playing fields or courts. It has been an exciting off season for the Colonels and as the seasons get underway it will only get more exciting. This year I will be covering primary the Football, Soccer, Volleyball teams.

Depending on the success of this site in the fall sports seasons will determine the outcome of how well I cover winter and spring sports, other factors will go into that decision as well.

I am going to get straight to the point today is game-day. The first game-day of the year as Eastern Kentucky soccer takes on UNC-Asheville at 5 p.m. at the EKU Soccer Field.

EKU was Ohio Valley Conference regular season champions last season before falling to eventual tournament champions University of Tennessee-Martin last season. The Colonels were picked to finish 4th this season in the OVC behind Tennessee-Martin, Southeast Missouri State, and Morehead State.

UNC-Asheville had quite the opposite season than EKU last year as they finished 4-15-1 on the year. One of those 15 losses was to our very own EKU Soccer team. Eastern traveled to Asheville, NC last season and pounded the Bulldogs 4-0. The Bulldogs do return 7 starters from last year team.

Interesting note: The last time UNC-Asheville won their first game of the season was in 2007 when they beat Tennessee Tech.

For those who are unable to make it to tonight game there, will be live stats at the EKUSports website. Also EKU has created a hashtag on Twitter for the EKU Soccer team. The hashtag is #ekuws.

Go Colonels

About Time

I know, and understand. I have been busy keeping up with the Colonels and trying to stay on top of my school work. So, this is what was cut from my allotted time. Well I have decided to give it a shot, give it a try, again. My Kings Island readers will appreciate that last line.

Since my last update, we have beaten Morehead State three more times, twice yesterday at the tennis matches. The other time was softball completing their sweep of Morehead.So with the recent victories over Morehead State, here is the updated graphic.

The dominating of our rivals is just another proud Colonel tradition here at Eastern Kentucky University.

Later on today the EKU Softball team will look to turn around some misfortunes and stay in the hunt for an Ohio Valley Conference title. Over the past weekend our softball team dropped 2 of 3 to Austin Peay. Luckily for the “Kerns,” the rest of the top of the OVC struggled as well and we gained ground. We are now in third place and just half a game back of second place Jacksonville State, who was swept at Morehead, somehow, over the weekend.OVC Leaders, UT-Martin, however did not struggle when they swept Tennessee State.

Also, the last time I blogged our EKU Baseball team could not hit the ball. Well now they can. They have won 5 straight and scored 44 runs in those five games. They are preparing to take on last place Southeast Missouri State. EKU is now second in the OVC standings two games behind Austin Peay.

Agree? Disagree? If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please feel free to reply in the comments section below. Or you can e-mail me at Also, follow me on twitter @ColonelsSports or you could even add me on Google+ under Bret Shroats and I will return the favor.

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